Podcasts: Paul Adamson in conversation


What has the UK ever done for the EU?

Paul Adamson talks to Anand Menon, director of The UK in a Changing Europe project  /  July 2019

The true meaning of a 'No Deal Brexit'

Paul Adamson talks to Jean-Claude Piris, former head of the Legal Service of the EU's Council of Ministers  /  June 2019

The European Parliament elections and gender balance in the EU's top jobs

Paul Adamson talks to Marietje Schaake, former Member of the European Parliament  /  May 2019

"Paradise Lost: Europe in the world of Trump"

Paul Adamson talks to Benjamin Haddad, director of the Europe programme at the Atlantic Council  /  May 2019

Surmounting barriers for women to run for political office

Paul Adamson talks to Susannah Wellford, CEO & Founder of Running Start  /  April 2019

Confronting the EU's new realities

Paul Adamson talks to Brigid Laffan. Director of the Robert Schuman Centre at the European University Institute, Florence  /  April 2019

Europe's leaders and crisis politics

Paul Adamson talks to Luuk van Middelaar, author of 'Alarums and Excursions: Improvising Politics on the European Stage'  /  March 2019

Ireland's handling of Brexit

Paul Adamson talks to Tony Connelly, Europe Editor, RTE  /  February 2019

The EU27's reaction to latest Brexit developments

Paul Adamson talks to Jennifer Rankin, Brussels correspondent of The Guardian  /  February 2019

Responding to the growing 'techlash'

Paul Adamson talks to Brad Smith, President of Microsoft  /  January 2019

Extending Article 50 to clinch a deal

Paul Adamson talks to Mujtaba Rahman, Managing Director and Practice Head, Europe, Eurasia Group  /  January 2019