The Digital Economy

Data localisation in the EU: the threat from inside

Erik van der Marel / December 2016



An ode to Brussels

Corinna Hoerst / November 2016



Acknowledging the European narrative

Antoine Ripoll / November 2016


The UK and Europe

UK and an EEA+?

Paal Frisvold / November 2016


The UK and Europe

Why pro-Europeans should exclude nothing

Julian Priestley / November 2016


The UK and Europe

A hard Brexit is an admission of defeat

Marley Morris / November 2016


External Action

CETA provides a foretaste of things to come for EU trade policy, TTIP and Brexit

James Appleyard / November 2016


The Future of the Euro

Europe is an unsafe haven after Trump's victory

Erik Jones / November 2016



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